Peer Tutor (DCCC Student Job Ongoing)
Opening Date:   7/12/2013
Closing Date Notes: * ONGOING
Bulletin No.:  2013  -  0402


Peer tutors provide individual and small group tutoring sessions aimed at assisting students to become successful, independent learners.   Tutors facilitate learning and mastery of concepts and applications for a specific course of study and recommend appropriate strategies and resources. Tutors assist students with the development of skills and confidence to equip them academic success. Peer tutors report to the Coordinator, Learning Commons.


Facilitate student learning in specific course material for which the tutor is approved

Conduct one-to-one or small group sessions on a regularly scheduled basis (or conduct appointments) as approved by the Coordinator

Maintain appropriate paperwork and documentation including that needed for FTE recording and audit purposes

Visit course(s) being tutored and make contact with instructor to obtain any necessary materials

Attend tutor training as required by the Coordinator, Learning Commons

Assist in promoting awareness of the Learning Commons coaching centers among students

Qualifications Required:

Must be a current student at Davidson County Community College

Completion of course(s) being tutored with a B or better; if currently enrolled an average of A or B must be maintained

Recommendation from an instructor for each course being tutored

Good interpersonal communication skills and ease in relating to people from varying educational, cultural, and social backgrounds

Excellent level of responsibility, reliability, and punctuality

Current enrollment as a DCCC student in at least 6 credit hours

Ability to work with two or more students in a tutoring session when necessary

Qualifications Preferred:

A grade of an "A" in the course(s) being tutored

Strong oral and written communication skills

Experience as a tutor

ADA Summary:
ADA requirements include effective use of all forms of communication.  Also necessary is critical thinking skills to process information and manage time and resources.

Salary Range: 
$7.50 per hour based on state budget

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