Supplemental Instructor (DCCC Student JobOngoing Need)
Opening Date:   7/12/2013
Closing Date Notes: * ONGOING
Bulletin No.:  2013  -  0404

Supplemental instruction is a pro-active measure meant to help all students in a given class understand material more thoroughly. Supplemental Instructors (SI) are students who facilitate sessions which give students an opportunity to review material taught in class while also learning about strategies and learning skills necessary to mastering the material.  The SI collaborates with the course instructor to provide resources for students, increase awareness of services and to assist in development of skills and confidence necessary for academic success. Supplemental instructors attend classes with students, read assigned materials, take class notes, and conduct regularly scheduled out-of-class group sessions when class is not in session.  This position reports directly to the Coordinator, Learning Commons. 

Attend the targeted class, take notes, and participate in discussions 

Collaborate with the instructor to assist student learning in specific course material

Collaborate with the instructor to recruit participants for SI sessions

Conduct sessions throughout the semester as needed

Maintain familiarity with the Learning Commons and other resources available to students

Maintain confidentiality regarding the students that are tutored

Plan SI sessions using a wide variety of the interactive learning strategies and direct techniques (Guide students through course content related worksheets or activities with guidance from instructors, schedule review sessions before tests, engage students in active learning strategies without re-teaching, instructing, or completing students’ assignments for them)

Maintain a professional attitude at all times

Follow all procedures and policies set by the Learning Commons

Communicate regularly with the course instructor and Coordinator, Learning Commons

Maintain appropriate paperwork needed for auditing purposes and adhere to deadlines

Attend tutor training as required by the Coordinator, Learning Commons

Qualifications Required:
Must be a current student at DCCC with a grade of B+ or higher in selected course 

Have and maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or above

Willingness to learn new skills

Be able to flexibly work 5-10 hours per week if needed

Be a model student who understands the importance and application of effective study skills and strategies

Possess good organizational and time management skills. (SI Leaders are responsible for submitting and maintaining paper work and timesheets in a timely manner)

ADA Summary:
ADA requirements for this position include effective use of all forms of communication, ability to actively listen in class/lab and take clear, accurate and relevant notes.  Critical thinking especially with respect to time management is also necessary.

Salary Range: 
$9.00 per hour based on state budget

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