Child Development Center Staff (ongoing need)
Opening Date:   11/17/2015
Closing Date Notes: * ONGOING
Bulletin No.:  2015  -  0694

The Child Development Center Staff member is part of an on-call pool of temporary staff available for providing appropriate early care in an educational environment.  The Child Development Center Staff reports directly to the Child Development Center Program Director.

Promotes College mission, values, and vision  

Integrates Child Development principles into all aspects of program practices  

Assists in the design, implementation, and evaluation of developmentally appropriate environments that reflect the value of diversity for preschool children from six weeks to five years  

Works collaboratively with the CDC Program Director, teachers, parents, community, and students  

Demonstrates flexibility, openness to change, and commitment to working in a collaborative, team-based environment  

Recognizes and supports the integration of research-based current best practices in early care and learning  

Maintains safe, stimulating, organized and nurturing classroom environments  

Effectively communicates with families  

Supports efforts to ensure recommendation of appropriate resources and/or referrals for families  

Pursues appropriate professional development experiences  

Models professional integrity  

Maintains progress records of children’s development and learning  

Supervises Early Childhood Education students in laboratory and co-op experiences  

Maintains sanitary conditions on state and local levels  

Maintains accurate and appropriate records on each child  

Contributes ideas for planning activities to promote campus and community involvement  

Prepares and posts daily schedules, written classroom activities and provides daily information for parents  

Serves on College committees requested to support the College and School mission  

Assists with record keeping required by the College, CDC, state, and local agencies  

Assists in the implementation of a variety of teaching styles, updating classroom materials, and provision of a stimulating arrangement of classroom space and equipment  

Provides updated materials for classroom use  

Maintains classroom inventory  

Performs other duties as assigned which support the purpose and initiatives of the CDC and College

Qualifications Required:
High School Diploma or GED with some college course work from a regionally   accredited institution    

NC Early Childhood Credential (NCECC) or commitment to obtaining the NCECC    

Skill in the use of computers and commitment to using technology    

Familiarity with MS Office 2007    

Excellent oral and written communication skills    

Ability to work effectively and collegially with others    

Ability to provide leadership in anticipating and responding to change   

Familiarity with and appreciation for the mission of a comprehensive community college    

Effectiveness in the following College organizational competencies:    
   - Translating College purpose, values, and vision into organizational action    
   - Collaborating and facilitating    
   - Creating and innovating    
   - Anticipating and responding to change    
   - Providing vision and leadership    

Qualifications Preferred:
Associate’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution in Early Childhood Education

Experience in an Early Childhood setting

ADA Summary:
ADA requirements for the position include critical thinking skills with the ability to process information, exercise good judgment, and perform evaluations of children’s assessments.  Requires the ability to lift/carry children 35-50 lbs. to meet their needs; ability to stoop, bend, push, kneel, squat, pull, reach, stand, walk, and/or sit to meet needs of children; ability to perform fine motor tasks including, but not limited to, the following tasks regularly performed while caring for young children: snapping, buttoning, zipping, pinning, tying, and grasping; visually supervise children and respond appropriately to verbal and non-verbal cues; exercise mobility to respond to imminently harmful situations; and effective use of all forms of communication (oral, visual, written, auditory), including use of computers.

Salary Range: 
Hourly rate based on education and experience.

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