Adjunct Faculty, Nurse Aide (Curriculum)
Opening Date:   5/20/2016
Closing Date Notes: * ONGOING
Bulletin No.:  2016  -  0764

Adjunct Faculty, Nurse Aide curriculum positions are available to teach in daytime, evening, and weekend sections.  Instructors have responsibilities in classroom, lab and clinical settings.  Some travel may be required to various high school locations.  Responsibilities may include other duties which support the mission and initiatives of the College.  The Nurse Aide program uses online and on-campus labs for practical learning experiences as an instructional strategy.  This position reports directly to the Associate Dean, School of Health, Wellness, and Public Safety and has the following responsibilities:

Promotes College mission, values, and vision 

Teaches assigned courses in classroom, lab and /or clinical settings to meet program needs including, but not limited to, day, evening, weekend, and distance courses

Evaluates student progress and provides appropriate feedback

Develops course syllabi and provides appropriate written information to students concerning course evaluation and criteria

Explore, assess, and implement appropriate instructional technology to enhance student learning outcomes

Carries out a program of self-evaluation to determine instructional effectiveness

Participate in activities necessary to maintain program compliance with Division of Health Service Regulation and North Carolina Board of Nursing

Assists in the evaluation of courses and programs

Prepares and submits instructional records, reports, and grades established by institutional policy

Attends appropriate College and School meetings

Assists in student recruitment and retention

Maintains appropriate office hours and accessibility for students, faculty and staff

Participates in professional development to enhance instructional and technical skills

Performs other tasks as assigned which support the mission and initiatives of the College

Qualifications Required:
Associate in Applied Science degree or Bachelor’s degree in nursing from a regionally accredited institution 

Current unrestricted license as a registered nurse in North Carolina

Minimum of two calendar years of full-time employment as a registered nurse

Creativity and openness to change

Strong oral and written communication skills

Strong computer skills and commitment to the use of technology in instruction

Ability to work effectively and collegially with others in a team environment

Familiarity with and appreciation for the mission of a comprehensive community college

Effectiveness in the following College organizational competencies:
-          Translating College purpose, values, and vision into organizational action
-          Collaborating and facilitating
-          Creating and innovating
-          Anticipating and responding to change
-          Providing vision and leadership
-          Assessment of student learning
-          Engagement and assessment of successful student retention models

ADA Summary:
ADA requirements for this position include critical thinking skills with the ability to process information and exercise good judgment in the collection, evaluation and analysis of data and student assessment, curriculum development, and program review; ease of mobility in supervising students in the clinical and classroom settings, assisting with patient care, carrying equipment, supplies and other instructional materials; travel between campus and clinical locations may be required; and effective use of all forms of communication including use of computers.

Salary Range: 
$26.81 - $28.46 per hour based on candidate’s experience, education, and the state budget

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